Orkel GP1260 HiT

Bale Wrapper Combination
Baling and wrapping in one operation


GP1260 HiT is a new step in making baling and wrapping even more profitable and efficient.

Orkel HiT  system provides use of net or wide film directly to the bale – your choice.
By applying wide film wider than 130 cm, the film will go over the edge of the bale as well.

Apply wide film straight to the bale.
Pre-stretched wide film increases the pressure in the bale.
Wide film replacing net is profitable and future orientated technology.


These are the wide film advantages:

  • Improved oxygen barrier
  • Impressive bale shape and compaction
  • Higher forage quality
  • Only one type of product , plastic + plastic
  • Easier utilization of the bale
  • No net frozen into the bale.
  • One machine - two jobs
  • Easy to control
  • Compact construction

  • Economise 1 person + 1 tractor
  • High capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Immediate wrapping
  • Prevent oxygen access
  • Ensure forage quality
  • Wrapper may be retrofit
  • Replace baler or wrapper independently
  •   The combi baler can also be used for baling of hay and straw without wrapping. This is just a matter of setting the wrapping to zero rotations. 
  • The bale is not wrapped, and may be accumulated, then released anywhere

Orkel GP1260 HiT - an allround baler for silage, hay and straw "Easy control" of wrapper

Professional pre-stretcher Orkel has self-adjustable pre-stretchers, with a pre set stretch of 70%. 500 mm or 750 mm film may be applied. The film knife is cutting and holding the film in a very secure way. This makes the starting procedure very reliable. Wind and rainy conditions do not create problems.


Bushings on rollers
Compared to traditional bearings,
bushings provide improved durability,
easier maintenance and lower cost.
Bushings keep well under conditions of vibration,
high pressures and pollution.Guarantee on bushings, 
50.000 bales, up to 5 years.


Automatic greasing of bearings and chains – standard.
A 12 volt electrical greasing pump is greasing the bushings. 
Chains are automatically greased by oil from a 
separate pump each time the chamber is opened.


Efficient pick-up and chopping device.
20 knives are made of Crom-vanadium steel. 
Infeeders are 10 mm heavy duty 
Hardox wearing metal. Knives are spring tensioned and lower automatically when overloaded. 
Pick-up has a big diameter and 5 bars of tines, which optimizes capacity. 
Guideway for bars in pick-up is greasable. 
Compacting roller and slip-clutch of pick-up drive is standard.


CANBUS electronics
This is  a professional control system made for optimal 
control and surveillance of baler and baling process. 
All sensors in the machine are the same specification for easy replacement.
All baler models have the same control panel and easy to read menu in a number of languages.


Net tying system
Net tying may be started manually or automatically.
Orkel balers are fit for net rollers of width up to 130 cm and a roll diameter of 30 cm.
You may use netting going over the edge of the bale, if needed. 
There is space for a backup roll of 3600 m in the net box, easy to access.


Stable chamber rollers
18 rollers have four aggressive profiles which secure rotation of difficult 
materials as well as an increased degree of compaction. 
Bottom rollers have additional gripping abilities. 
Rollers have 5 inside support disks to secure stability by high loads and tension.


For acides and inoculants (option)
The spreading beam is well positioned at the top of the chamber.A bracket for can or barrel is available. Different types of pumps are available.Pump and flow may be managed from the control panel.

Morten Duesten
Aftersales Manager Orkel Compaction
+47 72488054


Jarl Gjønnes
General Manager
+47 72488032


Bjørn Slupphaug
Logistics Manager
+47 72488031


    GP1260 GP 1260 A GP1260 HiT HiQ Smart.
Width  cm  272 /292 / 322  299 299 275
Length  cm  386 590 590 620
Height  cm  215 265 265 280
Weight, depending of configuration  kg  2800 4500 4500 4900
Tire dimensions    500/60 x 22, 5  600/50 x 22,5  700/40 x 22,5  500/50 x R 17  500/50 x R 17  500/50 x R 17  560/45 x R22,5 
Brakes    Ekstra  Standard 4 hjul  Standard 4 hjul  Standard 4 hjul 
Tire arrangement    Single axle  Tandem  Tandem  Tandem 
Chamber size, diameter x width  cm  122 x 122  122 x 122  122 x 122  130 x 122 
Number of rollers / diameter    18 / 200mm  18/ 200mm  18/ 200mm  18/ 200mm 
Chamber locking    Mekanisk  Mekanisk  Mekanisk  Hydraulisk 
Number of knives  units  20 20 20 20
Infeeder rotor material    Hardox   Hardox   Hardox   Hardox  
Theoretical chop length   mm  52 52 52 52
Tying system    net  net  net /wide fim
Net / wide film 
Tying system drive    Electrical  Electrical  Hydraulic  Hydraulic 
Number og net / wide film rollers    2 2 2--3 2--3
Width of pick -up   cm  210 210 210 220
Pick –up bars  units  5 5 5 5
Number of pick-up tines pr row.    16 16 16 18
PTO speed, standard                                                       Alternative PTO speed                                            540 / 540 E         1000  540 / 540 E        1000  540 / 540 E        1000  540 / 540 E         1000 
Control system    BUS technology  BUS technology  BUS technology  BUS technology 
Automatic greasing    Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard 
Power requirement  (dep. of  conditions)  Kw  Min.55-60  Min.80 -85  Min.80 -85  Min.100-110 
Oil flow requirement (constant flow)  l/min    30 30 50-55 
Need for single acting hydraulic outlets    3 3 3 1
Safety arrangement for pick-up and rotor    Slip clutch  Slip clutch  Slip clutch  Slip clutch 
Release and reversing of rotor    Release  Release  Release  Reverse 
Wrapping capacity (depending of conditions)  Bales/h    40 - 50  40 - 50  40 - 55 
Pre-stretchers      2 x 750mm  2 x 750mm  2 x 750mm 
Film control      Standard  Standard  Standard 
Pre stretch      70 % 70 % 70 %
Storage space for rollers      4+4  4+4  3+3 
Acid beam    Option  Option  Option  Option 
Brackets for cans or barrels    Option  Option  Option  Option 
Bale math for bale protection      Option  Option  Option 
Bale kicker    Option     
Bale turner      Option  Option  Option 
Working lights on wrapper      Option  Option  Option 
Camera control of wrapping      Option  Option  Option 
Load Sense hydraulics      Standard  Standard  Standard 
Acid pump, Serigstad                                     Acid pump Pro Device     Option  Option  Option  Option 
Bracket for 200 l barrel      Option  Option  Option 
Data and specifications are subject to changes at any time without further notice.                                                                               November 2009