PowerPack PP55


Orkel Powerpack PP 55

Orkel Powerpack PP 55 liten

Efficient, flexible and reliable drive and operation of your Compactor.

The Orkel PP 55 is an advanced power source for your compactor. A frequency controlled RPM secures your operation under low as well as high temperatures. An automatic RPM regulation adjusts the speed according to the optimal conditions of your compactor. The arrangement is optimized to operate the Compactor with the lowest possible effect, still assuring high quality baling.

A complete package, easy to transport, operate  and connect. Lift and load / unload by a forklift.

Tecnhical data:

Dimensions (mm)

L=1300 x W=1300 x H=1550


Concrete on rubber blocks


Virbration absorbation system


1900 kg

Voltage in 

 380-480  V

Hertz range

50-60 /s


55 kW - 8 poles

Torque / Effect

535 Nm / 90 kW

Automatic rpm regualtion

Temperature dependent

Frequency control

380 - up to 850 rpm

Maximum amp required

 125 AMP 3 sec at end of bale

Nominal amp

 50 - 80 AMP


 12 V / 50 AMP connector to MP / MC

Cooling of components


Electrical connector for cable

400 V / 125 AMP inclusive

PTO connection:

1 3/8 ", Z6

No gearbox

Direct drive from the motor

Liquid Ingress Protection

IP 54