Orkel X-NIR hand held analyser for forages and grains measures the percentage of Moisture (dry matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, ASH and Crude Fat of different feeding materials in just a few seconds. Orkel X-NIR enables real time control of your forages and TMR.

By being able to feed your animals in a professional way, you may control and optimise the result of your operation.

Why Should X-NIR be your choice?

  • Real time control of animal feed rations minimizes feed refusal and reduces daily feed cost (less waste = more profit)
  • Fully customisable product (more than 50 families available by area)
  • Lower management costs due to:
    1. Quick and easy setup
    2. Real time results
    3. No need for consumables to perform analysis
    4. Reliability
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs, thanks to few long life components (i.e. rechargable battery)
  • Touch screen interface allows access to all functions with just a few taps

The system

  • X-NIR
  • Battery Charger
  • Power supply charger
  • Power supply cable
  • Battery (x2)
  • USB Key
  • Touch pen
  • Spare parts (lamp, glass)
  • Connection with X-NIR Trace software


Peder Kvendset

Sales Director

+47 72 48 80 23

  +47 906 73 755

Linda Coucheron

Marketing Coordinator

72 48 80 58

  +47 478 28 812

Jarl Gjønnes


+47 72 48 80 32

Size and material
Material: Polypropylene (compact case)
Dimensions: 50.2 x 40 x 18.8 cm
Weight: 7,5kg

Accuracy guaranteed without initial verification
Moisture: 2%
Starch: 3%
Crude Protein: 3%
ADF: 3%
NDF: 3%
Ash: 3%
Crude Fat: 3%

User Interface
Keys: Soft
Display: Touchscreen 4.3", 480 x 272 resolution
Language: Programmable in 10 languages

X NIR Forage analysis families