Manure in bales


How can you make the manure logistics easier and more effective?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of baling manure. Several are doing this today, and the demand has been increasing lately.


Chicken manure prepared for baling

Chicken manure

Some of the benefits:

  • Easy transport
    The bales can easily be transported on pallets, in containers, truck, by lorry or ship
  • Easy logistics
    Store the bales anywhere. They are easy to stack and protected from the weather by the plastic
  • Volume reduction by 3:1
  • No odor
  • Easy market access
  • Stable temperature
    Temperature development is a particular challenge with manure. When baled, you can by far avoid the risk of fire/spontaneous ignition.


Orkel Hi-X Compactor baling chicken manure

Orkel Hi-X Compactor baling chicken manure

Chicken manure bales on truck

Chicken manure bales transported by truck



Transport and logistics

Inside the chamber of the Compactor, the material is compressed, and therefore the volume reduced. If you have 3 cubic metres of material, you can reduce this to 1 cubic meter with an Orkel Compactor. This compaction  provides extremely cost-effective transportation and handling.


Orkel Hi-X Compactor being transported

The Hi-X Compactor can easily be transported from one location to another



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